1. Privacy

This privacy policy is an integral part of the BetVisa Agreement. We are informing you that BetVisa reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy, of which we undertake to inform the user, by publishing the changed policy on our platform. We also recommend that you periodically re-read the Policy to ensure that you do not miss any changes.

2. Information collected

Personal information is information that can be used to identify a person, examples of such information are a person’s first and last name, date of birth, and contact information such as e-mail address, telephone number, and physical address. Personal information we collect: transaction history, site usage preferences, contact information, address, and billing information.

We also keep a log of activity during your interaction with the site, which includes your IP address, time and date of login, language used and page visited, as well as browser type and crash reports.

3. How data is collected and processed

Some user data may be collected by us automatically, as well as when you give us your agreement to process it, or in the process of other interactions. We may also obtain personal information through third-party vendors and online merchants. The agreements we have with them protect the privacy of the user. This information is intended to be shared with third parties only.

4. Information use

The Personal Information you provide to us is generally used to provide our Services, process online transactions, provide online customer support, perform security and identity verification checks, assist with promotions, and for other purposes related to fulfilling certain business requirements. Affiliates that we have carefully selected may access your Personal Information.

In addition, your Personal Information may be used for marketing purposes:

  1. Promotional offers and information about our partners’ services and products; 
  2. Promoting our products and services, improving customer support, and expanding our product offerings.

5. Certain Excluded Disclosures

As required by law or in good faith, your Personal Information may be disclosed in the following cases:

  1. There is any pending litigation related to us, the services we provide, our website, etc.;
  2. To ensure the safety of users of the platform;
  3. If our rights are protected, as well as the protection of our property;
  4. Data may be shared with the appropriate agencies, to investigate the existence of addiction.

6. Access

The user has the right to opt-out of the use of the information in the account settings, also in an email sent by us, or by emailing us requesting to opt-out using of the information. Furthermore, you can contact our support team to opt-out. We can also be contacted by:

  1. To update your Personal Information;
  2. Verify its accuracy;
  3. To complain about the use of your information. As requested, we will:
    • Update the Personal Information you have provided;
    • Provide a report on how your Personal Information is used.

However, whether required by law or not, your Personal Information will be retained, regardless of the Privacy Policy.

7. Consent to use of electronic service providers

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you consent to the processing of your information for financial transactions, including overseas transfers. The confidentiality of your data is strongly protected through our agreements with payment systems.

8. Consent to security review

Our use of your Personal Information and the ability to disclose it to third parties is authorized by the Terms and Conditions. This information is used to verify information provided by the user when using our services. As part of this verification, we may request third-party reports or databases, as well as additional information and documentation.

9. Security

Using the best firewall software, all Personal Information provided by users is stored in a password-encrypted database that resides on a secure network. Furthermore, all of our suppliers and agents, as well as our subsidiaries and affiliates, are also committed to taking appropriate measures.

10. Protection of minors

By using our services, you confirm that you are of legal age. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to use our services. Registration and submission of Personal Data by minors will be rejected and deleted immediately.

11. International Transfer

Your use of our products and services implies your consent to the transfer of Personal Data to foreign countries where our subsidiaries or affiliates may be located. This includes countries with less protective data privacy laws. However, we ensure that our affiliates and subsidiaries strictly adhere to our privacy and data security standards.

12. Cookies

  1. We can store information on devices. Cookies are stored on devices to record users’ preferences for visiting online pages.
  2. Certain Cookies are required for certain functions of the site, such as in its secure areas, as well as financial transactions.
  3. Our platform may use cookies to better understand the user’s interests, at the same time as they allow the system to recognize customers.
  4. Our servers use three types of cookies:
    • Persistent Cookies – remain for a certain period on the user’s computer.
    • Analytical Cookies – these are to help us count and analyze the number of users of our platform, to understand how they use it.
    • Session-based cookies – session cookies are assigned to the user’s computer for the duration of the site visit, they expire after the browser is closed.
  5. To disallow Flash files, change the settings in the Settings Manager of Flash Player. Here you can change the settings for your specific sites. It also allows you to disable all third-party cookies under the “Global Storage Settings” item “Allow third-party Flash content to store information on your computer”.

13. Using third parties

Information collected by third parties is subject to the Privacy Policy of those same third parties. We cannot guarantee the complete security of user information, as third parties typically link to services or any other information collected by third parties operated by our loyalty program or other program.

14. Legal Disclaimer

The subject of our liability does not include events beyond our control. Due to the complexity of this business and the technology used in it, we cannot guarantee complete error-free operation concerning User Personal Information and will not be liable for any damages (consequential, incidental, punitive).

15. Privacy Policy Consent

By using the services we provide, you consent to our Privacy Policy. The current version replaces all previous versions and will be updated periodically. We will notify you of any updates by posting the updated version.

16. Other Websites

Please note that our website may contain links to other websites that may request certain information from the User. We are not responsible for the information collected by these sites. Any errors on linked sites are the responsibility of the operators of those sites.